Vital Consultation: Take charge of your health

Greetings and salutations family.

Peace be upon you. 

I am Jah, a qualified Nutritional Therapist and master herbalist living in the jungle in Costa Rica.

For 10 years I've been exploring the world of superfoods, herbal medicines and bio hacks to improve health and wellness.

After a 4 year drug addiction my body was showing me its time for change and it had enough of my bad behaviour. It was a life or death moment.

I came across the late, great Dr Sebi and other herbal medicine experts and began to implement the teaching in my own life. 

I have since become a new person.

In this 1 hour consultation we will learn about you, your lifestyle and establish tailor made instructions on how to improve your health and vitality through herbal medicines and other disciplines.

This hour will be all about you, in your uniqueness. Perfectly constructed by the creator.

Give yourself the love you deserve and invest in your wellness.


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